Nintendo City - Caption #2

Thanks to all who sent in Captions.

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 Mr. Nose  Bad choice for a band Yoshi.
 Adam  Mario: I don't CARE about your crazy dreams of Broadway!
 Mr. X  Mario: As long as these two guys next to me play right, they won't be able to
 hear me screw up!
 MattC13  Yoshi's can't conduct so he's making it up:

 Music: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRrbong!woooooooorrrrrrtttttttttttt.
 The Man  "Mario stars singing" "Everyone throws their instruments at him"
 Luigi: Mario! Stop! They just bought new windows!  
 Prince Peasley  DK: I wish I was on the drums...
 Luigi: Yoshi's conducting is awful.
 Mario: I feel like I'm surrounded by giant mushrooms...oh wait.
 Yoshi: I feel like My Giant Mushroom, Monkey band isn't very happy.
 Raps  Mario: "You Think Anyone Can Tell We Aren't Really Playing These? We're Not
 When Touching The Instruments"
 Stick  Yoshi: I don't know who's doing it, but please refrain from playing "Shave and
 a Haircut" after we finish.
 Nintendude  It's the mario bros. band!
 Make yoshi mad and he will swallow you whole and make you smell like rotten
 eggs. then the others will laugh at you....JOIN TODAY!...
 TeckDrew 88  Yoshi: a-1 a-2 a-3 a-4!
 Everyone except the mario bros. playing badly.
 Mario: Let's eat.
 DK: That's the best idea I heard since I decided to join this lousy band!
 Dr.Donez  Unfortunately for the band, Mario was going to quit the band because he didn't
 get a drum solo...
 Adam  So this is the choir that sang that Super Smash Bros. Brawl song.
 Gameboy675  Yoshi: We will, we will, rock you! SINGIN'!We will, we will, rock you!
 Sott  Yoshi: Ok, boys! Just like we practiced!
 Mario: Yoshi, we haven't practiced, you just ate all of the free food at the
 music school...
  D.K.: Wasn't I about to die in a snowy forest with Diddy?
 Now I have a miniguitar!!!
 Donkey Kong!  Yoshi: 1,2,3
 'cricket chirps'
 Yoshi: PLAY!!!!
 Donkey: We don't know how to
 Ragumshnagum  We are so gunna rock the Iron Goombas in the Battle of the Bands!
 Doopliss Fan  Yoshi: Come on band! We have a concert in Florida later!
 All except Yoshi: CAN WE GO TO DISNEY WORLD?????!!!
 Jakey  DK: "Why would they give the huge monkey a violin?"
 mattmn077  Yoshi: Wow you guys suck.
 DK: Well it's not my fault my head's half gone!
 Mario: There's too many toads distracting me!
 tanooki dude  mario: luigi! psst! i'm sure glad dk is here instead of finding out that we stole his
 luigi: burp!
 WillBillXP  Yoshi: 1-2-3-4 INSTRUMENTS UP!
 *plays sour notes
 Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!!!!
 Mario: We don't SOUND good!
 Yoshi: Oh shut up! *throws baton at Mario and it makes a honking noise
 Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
 DK: Everyone pound on Mario!!!!!
 Mario: Sorry, this concert is cancelled ugly head
 DK: Yeah, why do we have to be in such a sh*ttacular picture anyways?
 Joey: I said not swearing!
 WillBillXP: You let me get away with it in the Phoenix Wright review
 Joey: Yeah, well that was different! It was text heavy! Kids aren't going to
 read the whole thing.
 WillBillXP: and this overly glorified caption?
 Joey: True, true
 Luigi: I thought your caption was terrible
 WillBillXP: Oh give me a break! I suck at one liners!
 Prongs  Yoshi: DK! We have to start all over since you played it flat!
 and Toad to the right, you played a B-Flat! Your only going to play a high F, not
 low B. Lets go one more time!
 Mike Kelso  Yoshi: When I say 'YOSHI' you start.
 Donkey Kong: What Am I? A giant berserk friend?
 Mario: Let-a-start!
 Yoshi: No.
 nutty  Some Johannes Strauss Orchestra YOU are!
 eman  *Music playing awfully* Yoshi: that sounds like- Mario: remember yoshi, the
 500$ dollars! Yoshi: you guys sound great!
 Mariofox  The Toads: DK kinda looks like he messed up and Yoshi is falling off the stage.
 Yoshi: OK Places people we are doing the SMB theme beginning to end.
 DK: Why did I sign up for this job.
 Luigi Thinking: (Why can be the composer?)
 Mario: wait i'm the star of this game i'm the composer!
 Persons Voice: Start!!!!!
 amcam  And the winner of this year's "Battle of the Bands"...

 "Yoshi and the Shrooms!!!!!"
 I Like Luigi  Yoshi: Toads, get outta here.
 Toads: Why?
 Yoshi: You haven't been unlocked yet.
 Toads: OK.
 Luigi: And take Mario with you.
 Mario: HEY!
 Joey  Everyone laughed at Mario and Luigi when they said they could get a Dinosaur
 to conduct and an Ape to play violin. . .well who's laughing now. :P