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A Link to the Past/Four Swords GBA - Extra Dungeon Guide

By: Adam

Do you have A Link to the Past/Four Swords for the GBA? Great! Do you have three other friends who have it and are willing to play it with you?
The chances of three of your friends with that game each are low.
But if you beat Four Swords you can access a new dungeon in ALTTP! You can see a new ending and learn a new move! So if you want to learn how to get there and beat it without having to play Four Swords, listen to this.
You must have:
at least been to Thieves' Town
All the items up to the cane of Somaria
Before I explain this, let me tell you that this cheat is HARD. The dungeon itself is also HARD. I have every item, all the bottles, and all 20 hearts and it still is hard. This cheat does take practice, but if you need extra help feel free to email me at Flashback25@aol.com . Just put a good Subject on it or I may delete the email.

Here it is, in idiot form (perfect for me.)
1. Start at Level 4, Thieves' Town.
2. Equip the Magic Mirror and use it while jumping off the cliff you see before you. It is easier said than done. You must use the magic mirror just as you jump off. The way you can tell it works is if you hear Link's grunt as he jumps as you hear the mirror effect. (This is the hardest part. Practice.)
3. You'll start at the entrance. See the little wall to your right? Dash into that. You should fall under the floor, out of sight.
4. Go straight right one screen.
5. Go to the right of the screen that you are on, but don't go through to the other. You can see where you are by swinging your sword if you are by a wall (don't jump out of it)
6. The wall that you are under should go up. Go up one screen staying to the right.
7. Go straight up that screen until you are at the top-right, under the skull pot.
8. Go right one screen.
9. The screen of the GBA should turn black, then gray. Go right one screen.
10. You should see a room with this odd thing with a circle in the middle and a portal. The screen will go black and then turn white.
11. Go left one screen, and it should take you back to that room. This is a tough part.
12. You'll have to do some guessing on this. Go to the left a tiny bit so that you're on the right side of the room with the portal, like a few steps to the left. Go down.
13. You'll see Arrghus, covered in Jelly fish. Go down.
You should hop out of a waterfall and land in the water. Dodge the balls and the spikes and get out of the water at the bottom.
Congrats! You've made it into the temple!
After you beat a boss in this temple, save. You may have to repeat the glitch to get back but the boss will still be defeated.
I won't give away the new move because I haven't gotten it yet- I didn't drink my blue potion quick enough and died halfway through fighitng Purple Link.
Oh, great, now I'll have to describe the bosses and how to defeat them.
Arrghus: He's the same, but instead of puffballs he has Jellyfish. Repeat your tactics with him but be wary of their electricity and the water things Arrghus makes you attack. Use spinning blows to finish the job.
Helmasaur King: Hit his mask with the Hammer or Bombs, then strike his eye with your sword. Watch out for his mini Helmasaurs and fireballs. After hitting him a bit his mask will regenerate. Get it off again and a new eye should show. Hit it with some arrows.
Mothula: He is the same, but this time he has clones of himself! Look for the real Mothula and hit him with your sword or Fire Rod. There are no spikes on the floor now, but killing the clones turns them into angry bees and they can regenerate.
Blind: Blind is disguised as your uncle, who almost reveals if you're related to Zelda or not, but turns into Blind the thief. Hit Blind so his head comes off. Next, hit the head with your sword into his body (it bounces around so it's pretty easy.) Next, two heads will come out. Hit Blind with the two heads so three can come out. Hit his three heads into his body to defeat him.
4 Links: You fight these one at a time but no breaks, so save before killing them and bring lots of red potion.
Green Link: He slices with his sword and dashes. Hit him after he hits a wall with his dashes
Red Link: He is a tougher version of Green Link with the Hurricane blade attack. Defeat him like you did Green.
Blue Link: He has a jump attack and all the moves of the others. Dodge his jumping attacks and slash him with your sword after he falls.
Purple Link: He has all of the powers, plus he shoots fire from his sword. Show him clones suck.
That's it. Before the dungeon I recommend beating the game, getting all of the items, and getting 20 hearts.
If you need help with the dungeon or the glitch contact me. I'll be glad to help.
This was a doozy. Better get to my math homework.

Submitted By: Adam
Date Submitted: April 30th, 2007

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