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  Game Name:
Mario Party 8
1-4 Simultaneous
Hudson Soft
Release Date:
United States: May 29th, 2007
Europe: July 13th, 2007
Australia: July 19th, 2007
Japan: December 31st, 2007


Hello nintenude here telling you a review about Mario party 8.
This game was known to be the best mario party game ever made.


The Star carnival has opened and all are welcome to play minigames, watch star battles, and buy prizes with star tickets.
Apparently Mario and all his friends are at the star carnival and having fun.


Just like any Mario party game, all players hit a dice block and move on a giant board.
After all four players have taken a turn a minigame will start.
Minigames are divided into different categories.
4 player minigame - all four players compete to win.
2 vs. 2 - It's a team battle, players work together to win.
only one team can win otherwise it's a tie and no one wins.
3 vs, 1 three players team up to compete against the single player.
3 vs. 3 minigames include the single player trying to survive against something that the others use, The single player uses something to defeat the other players so the team of three has to try to survive, and there's a not battle but race to collect things.
Duel minigame - Two players compete against each other in a battle or race related game.
The winner gets to steal a prize from the loser  by throwing a dart against a moving board. however there is a red X mark that cancels the trade and no one loses or gains anything.
Battle minigame - these come randomly, all players surrender a certain amount of coins and puts them in a pot.
All players play a 4 player minigame.
when it ends coins are given to the players depending on what place they ended in.
1st place gets more than half of the winnings, 2nd place gets less than half coins than the 1st place player gets.
3rd place gets a quarter of the winnings and fourth place gets nothing.
Challenge minigame - These are played when a player lands on a challenge space ( a yellow exclamation point).
Only one player plays these, if they win coins are given to them.
If you lose nothing is giving to you.
there are three challenge minigames.
Last minigame - It's the final showdown against Bowser, this minigame cannot be played in party mode and only in star battles and minigame free play mode.
You have complete star battle arena to unlock it.
This game doesn't have orbs, instead it's candy that the players eat.
You no longer throw an orb and hop that the enemy lands on it.
Instead you turn into things and attack the other players by using a dart board or anyone you pass on the board while moving.
There's also the lucky space which takes you to a whole different place all alone.
Every blue space there will give you three coins when you pass it up.
at the end is something different in every board.
But mostly relating to getting a free star.
The gameplay is awesome.

I give the gameplay: 10/10


The graphics are really cartoony and brightly colored.
There is a board called Boo's haunted hideaway that has no bright colors.
the first time a played this game I got a headache from all the bright colors shining at me.
Once I played again I didn't get a headache no matter how long I played.
I'm not deducting points for getting a headache.

I give the graphics: 10/10


Sound rocks!!
each player has their own soundtrack of noises they do in the party mode.
I enjoy their happy sounds when they get a star and sad sounds when they lose a star.
However I don't like Daisy's sounds.
Her sounds are just too annoying.
She brags to the other players in a loud voice when she gets a coin, star or even wins a minigame.
I cannot describe the annoyance of her when she wins a minigame so I'll let you describe it when you play the game.

I give the sound: 9/10


After playing twenty turn games you feel really tired and don't want to play anymore.
The game takes really long and it's good to take breaks before playing another board or the same board again.

I give the replayability: 8/10


The gameplay is very hard.
you realize the players you set to "weak" are now much smarter and harder.
They make easy mistakes so they are not that hard.
Minigames are hard as well, you will never win a minigame if you don't know what to do with the wii remote.
It happened to me before.

I give the challenge: 8/10


It's easy to get frustrated.
if you keep losing a minigame after practicing a lot you will get angry.
But you would want to keep playing cause the game is really addictive.

I give the frustration: 9/10


This game is out right now!
It's easy to find in stores cause it's not that popular.
If you can't find it try buying it used, but if it's used always check the disk for scratches.
I got my copy from gamefly and it looks brand new.
you have to pay more for the membership of gamefly and a discount of the game you are buying.

I give the value: 10/10

New Characters:

Blooper the squid and hammer bro have joined the fun.
But it's hard to unlock them, you don't buy them from the shop instead you have to complete the star battle arena.
Unlock blooper by winning the star battle arena, and beat the star battle arena again while playing as blooper to unlock hammer bro.
I think that's dumb cause it took a long time to unlock blooper.

But, If Nintendo keeps adding new comers then what board ideas will they have.
They can't have a board and show the player walking in the background during gameplay.
They can only do it if the board belongs to the players you are able to play as in the game.

I give the new characters: 9/10


the boards are outstanding.
There's DK's jungle which is a board where you run around trying to collect the star first by paying 20 coins.
Goomba's booty boardwalk is a long trail of spaces with no intersections.
at the end the captain goomba gives you a star for free.
It's all racing around trying to get to the end first.
Boo's haunted hideaway is a giant maze of rooms arranged differently everytime someone gets a star from king boo.
it's all luck in this board.
Shyguy's complex train is a moving train and is designed like Goomba's booty boardwalk.
at the end is a shyguy that gives you a star for 20 coins.
there are a lot of traps on this board like kamek comes and moves a part of the train back to the start.
it is always the train car you are on.
Land on a DK space to be able to get a star for free.
Dk goes away after one star is giving to any player.
so it's a race for the free star.
Land on bowser's space and Bowser will come to the last cart and steal a star from the first person who makes to him.
it's kind of like a race that you don't want to finish first.
after a star has been taken bowser leaves.
Koopa's tycoon town is my favorite.
all the players run in a city theme board and donating coins to hotels.
If you donated the most coins to that hotel you get a star.
but you lose it if your not the highest donator.
after 20 coins the hotel grows and two stars are given to the highest donator.
Keep trying to donate for those stars.
after 50 coins the hotel transform again and three stars are given.
Land on the lucky space to be able to get 3 stars for only paying one coin.
And finally Bowser's warped orbit is a space themed board that has the players running around and stealing stars from each player.
you can either dress up as bowser and hit two blocks, every player you pass surrenders one star.
you can also turn into a bullet bill and hit one block, but each player that gets hit by it loses two stars.
use them both to see which one might be the best choice.

I give the boards: 9/10

Candy Orbs:

the candy orbs are really fun.
they may be less orbs than other mario party games but these candy orbs are great.
you could turn into a vampire and suck out coins from a player.
you can turn into a ball and run over players to take their coins.
there is also the duel candy which allows you to hit two dice blocks and duel with the first player you pass.
The bowser orb and bullet bill orbs can only be found on bowser's warped orbit.
it's very easy to collect orbs so it's an orb battle on every turn.
the computer players are very smart when they handle candy orbs.

I give the candy orbs: 10/10


what an awesome game.
I really recommend this game.
it's fun and addictive.

I give Mario Party 8: 9/10


And there you have it, the rating went down because of weak computer players being too smart and the annoying sound effects of daisy.
trust me do not pick daisy unless she is your favorite character.

Written by: Nintendude
Date Written: July 23rd, 2007

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