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Little Goomba:
Yes, Goombas have the word little in their name.
Goombas are Mushrooms who have betrayed the Mushroom Kingdom.
This is probably the most common enemy, along side Koopa Troopas.
You encounter them everywhere, except water.
They are very easy to defeat, you can simply jump on them
They are worth 100 Points.

Koopa Troopas:
Koopa Troopas are soldiers of the turtle empire. But there are differences between the red and green Koopa Troopas.
The green Koopa Troopa has orders to find and destroy Mario and Luigi.
While on the other hand the red Koopa Troopas are very scared. They will run back and forth.
You can't destroy Koopa Troopas as easily as Goombas. When you jump on them they will go inside their shell. You then can just continue on your journey. But you can also hit their shells and have them go shooting forward. They will go forever, destroying any enemies in their way. They will stop when they fall into a hole or when they ricochet off a pipe and come hurling back at you.
They are worth 100 Points.

Koopa Paratroopas:
Paratroopas are basically the same as Koopa Troopas, except they have wings. Once you jump on either colour Paratroopa, they will lose their wings and be just like Koopa Troopas.
Just like there non-winged counterparts, there are differences to both colours of paratroopas.
Green Paratroopas will fly around aimlessly, and will come at you suddenly.
Red Paratroopas are under control, but like to take it easy.
They are worth 400 Points.

Buzzy Beetle:
Buzzy Beetles are hard shelled creatures. Their shells are so hard fireballs don't effect them. Once you jump on them they go into their shell; you can then kick them just like a Koopa Troopa.
When you defeat Bowser, expect to see a whole lot more of them.
They are worth 100 Points.

The Hammer Brothers:
Probably the most feared out of all the enemies. Well, besides Bowser. These brothers will often team up on you, but you will also find them alone.
They will be throwing hammers toward you, so watch out.
They will usually attack you when there are 2 brick rows. You can then hit the brick that they are standing on from underneath to defeat them. But watch out! They will also come at you when there are no bricks around. You will then have to quickly run under them, or try to jump above.
The Hammer Brothers are worth 1000 Points each.


These spiked creatures are Lakitus pet. They may be dropped in ball form from Lakitu and once they land they will become what is shown above. You cannot destroy them by jumping on top of them, you can only destroy them with a fireball or a starman.
They are worth 200 Points.

Spiny's Egg:

This is the egg of the turtle Spiny. You can't destroy them by jumping on them. They are in egg form when dropped by Lakitu, but once landing quickly become Spiny's.
They are worth 200 Points.


Lakitu is really a turtle who just knows how to control clouds. He chases after Mario and Luigi in some levels and drops Spiny eggs at them. It is possible to destroy Lakitu; if you bring Mario or Luigi to a high enough place in the level, when Lakitu passes by, you can jump on top of him.
They are worth 200 Points.

Pirana Plants:
Man-eating plants that live in pipes. They show themselves quickly and without warning, so be careful. You cannot destroy them by jumping on top of them, only with a fireball or starman.
By the way, the SMB instruction Booklet has them spelled Pirana, and not Piranha.
They are worth 200 Points.

Cheep-cheep are usually found in water, but they can sprout wings and be seen in non-water levels. They cannot be killed from above while in the water, but can be when seen out of the water. In water they are not very dangerous, they move slow and can be easily avoided. It is out of water they are at there peak of dangerousness.
They are worth 200 Points.

Bullet Bill:

Bullet Bill chases after Mario and Luigi slowly but steadily.
It will go left and right across the screen.
It can be defeated from jumping on top.
They are worth 200 Points.


The most annoying see creature. It will chase after Mario and Luigi. They also sometimes team up on you. Sometimes you cannot avoid them and have to trick them into moving left on the screen, then quickly make a dash to the right.
You cannot destroy this enemy from above, but can with a fireball.
Bloopers are worth 200 Points.


Podoboo is the protector of Bowser. They are only found in Castles. They will quickly jump out of the lake of fire. They have an attack pattern, they may jump out a couple times, then very quickly come out.
They are worth no points because there is no way to destroy them. You cannot use a fireball to destroy them, I guess fighting fire with fire doesn't work:P

Bowser, King of the Koopa:

Bowser is the sorcerer king that is holding the Princess hostage and has put an evil magical spell over the Mushroom Kingdom. He comes at you spitting fire and throwing hammers. You can defeat him by quickly running under him when he is jumping, you can sometimes jump over him, and you can shoot fireballs at him.
If you get him by destroying the bridge and having him fall in, you get no points.
But if you defeat him with fireballs you will get 5000 Points.

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