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1up Mushroom:

This mushroom will give Mario or Luigi and extra life. It is usually hidden in secret places in different levels. How many do you know of?


The beloved beanstalk can be found in different levels. It is hidden in a brick. Once found it grows upward into the sky. Mario or Luigi can then climb it to a little mini-game level. Where you collect coins. At the end of collecting the coins you then drop back down to the level you where on. But now you are further in that level.


Bricks are scattered throughout levels like coin blocks. You can jump on top of them to avoid enemies or jump to a higher platform. You can also hit them from below. When you do that they will commonly just disappear, but you may also find something inside, it can be a 1up Mushroom, a Beanstalk, Coins, a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, a Starman, or even a Beanstalk.


These are scattered throughout stages, as well as being hidden inside Coin Blocks and Bricks. Mario and Luigi can collect them, once either has 100 of them, they get an extra life, and the coin counter goes back to zero.

Coin Block:

These are scattered throughout many levels. They can contain coins, but can also contain items such as the Mushroom and Fire Flower. Once hit they do not disappear, but just become blank. You can jump on top of them just as you would a brick.

Level or Platform:

This item doesn't really have a name, it is just another platform, but I consider it special, and that it deserves to be here.
This item is in a few different stages and varies in length. It sometimes goes up and down and left and right. Mario then has to use it to get higher up in the level, or further across. It can also be seen attached in a pulley system. Where to of these are connect by a rope. When Mario or Luigi goes on top of one, the other moves up while the other goes down. You can also see them standing still. But once Mario or Luigi stands atop of them, it quickly falls down, which means Mario or Luigi has to quickly get across them.

Beanstalk Level or Platform:

This item also doesn't really have a name, but I think it also deserves to be here.
This platform is seen in the Beanstalk mini-level game. Once Mario or Luigi stand upon it, it quickly starts to move across the level. You can then quickly jump and get coins.

Jumping Board:

Now this item does have a name, the good ol' Jumping Board.
It is in some levels and Mario or Luigi can jump atop of it, it will then spring up and down. If Mario or Luigi jump at its peak of springing they will shoot very high. But be careful, if you jump to early you will barely jump high at all, you may end up falling into a hole.

Magic Mushroom:

The famous Mushroom. This is hidden inside bricks and coin blocks. Once found if touched by Mario or Luigi they will become big. Once big they will have to be hit twice in order to die.

Fire Flower:

This is found in the same places as the Magic Mushroom, but you can only get it if you have already gotten a Magic Mushroom, and are still big. You have to be hit twice in order to die.

Starman, a.k.a Star of Invincibility:

The star is the the item you can get in whatever state Mario or Luigi is, whether they are big or small, or have fire, you can get this star. It is hidden in bricks and coin blocks. Once you get this you will become invincible for a brief period of time. Once invincible, you can destroy enemies merely by touching them. But remember your not completely invincible, if you fall into a hole, your dead.

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