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Super Mario Bros. being one of the funnest and most played game ever; has to have a few ports. If you are new to gaming and do not know what a port is, it is just a game that has been ported to different systems. When a game is ported it can get new traits. Such as new graphics and sound, some cool extras, and the gameplay may even be tweaked. But at heart, it's usually the same great game.

SNES - Super Mario All-Stars:

Soon after the SNES's release, it was given the game Super Mario All-Stars. Which contained SMB 1, SMB2, SMB 3, and the Lost levels, which is what Super Mario Bros. 2 is in Japan. There was later Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World on one cart.
This version of Super Mario Bros. kept the same great gameplay but with improved graphics and sound. Not only did the characters/enemies/items look great, but there was some cool new backgrounds.

Gameboy Color - Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the Gameboy Color was another port of the legendary game. It also featured the Lost Levels. The graphics and sound were at par with the NES's, but it sported some neat extras. There was a red coin challenge. Where there would be some red coins scattered throughout the famous levels. Some were hidden in coin blocks and brick, some just higher up in the level.
The game also contains a save feature. There was also Toy Box, which has a calendar that you could enter information into and then print out through the use of a Gameboy Printer. There was also a fortune teller game, where you would pick one of 5 cards and have a random fortune appear. You could then have the option to print the fortune out. Neither these toy box games have anything to do with the original SMB game, they were just extras. There was also an album that saved pictures. There was a records feature that would save high scores from different levels. The high score feature was a very nice extra. You could also play 2 players if you had 2 Gameboy Color's and 2 game packs, as well as the link cable.
One thing that you will instantly notice when playing this game is the weird portion of the screen shown. You will only see part of the screen that you would see in the original SMB, this can make the game harder and more frustrating.

(A Couple screenshots from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, note the strange portion of the screen that is shown.)

Gameboy Advance - Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros.

This is Nintendo's latest stab at a port of Super Mario Bros.
It is the most true port of the game. The graphics and sound are identical to the original, and unlike Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, you see the full screen. It plays just like the original. The only added function was the ability to save your high score. Which is a very nice function. You can also link up to other Gameboy Advances and play 2 players. The great thing is you only need one cart, and you get everything! You of course need 2 GBA's and a link cable.

Gamecube - Animal Crossing:

(My room on Animal Crossing)

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can get a NES with a game in Animal Crossing. Now there is no known way to get Super Mario Bros. in Animal Crossing yet, except through the use of a hacking product that is unlicensed by Nintendo and I do not recommend using. But this product did prove that Super Mario Bros. is somewhere in the game. There is no way Nintendo would have added Super Mario Bros. to Animal Crossing and made the only way to get it is using a product they do not sell and do not endorse or license. (This product also is known to screw up your town and game.)
So since Super Mario Bros. is on Animal Crossing, somewhere; there has to be some way to unlock it. A way that is yet to be known. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will reveal this in a Nintendo Power issue, and shock everyone like they did with the Minus World. The Minus world is also a SMB code/trick.

Future of Super Mario Bros. Ports:
Super Mario Bros. is a legendary game that is going nowhere. I don't think it will ever stop being put into games. Maybe it won't have a direct port, but it will probably be put in as a fun unlockable extra in a bigger game. Such as Excitebike is in Excitebike 64.

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