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Super Mario Bros. Review


Super Mario Bros. is the stepping stone for video games. For the first time people could play a game at home where it wasn't just one screen. Where there was more to a game than just one basic button. Super Mario Bros. saved the falling video game industry and proved to everyone that Nintendo knows how to make revolutionary, and amazing games. This game is the first video game ever played by many people, and most definitely the first NES Game played. This game still gets referred to, it still gets ported, it still gets played. This game is simply brilliant. Gameplay that is very easy to learn, and a game that is at its core, very fun to play. This was my first video game, and it showed me how wonderful video games can be, and set me on the path to loving Nintendo.


This is the first of many classic Mario Stories. Bowser makes his first appearance. Bowser has kidnapped the Princess and put an evil spell over the Mushroom Kingdom. The Princess is the only one who can set things right. Mario hears of the Mushroom Kingdoms plight and sets off to save the Mushroom Kingdom.


The gameplay is so classic. This game set a standard in gameplay. You are Mario in a 1 player game, and Luigi in a 2 player game. You start each level and make your way across the screen. This game started side scrollers. Making it across the screen is obviously the challenge. There will be enemies and obstacles to avoid. Many of the classic Mario Enemies were created here, like the Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Hammer Bros. Mario starts the game as small regular Mario. Which if he gets hit by an enemy once, he dies. But Mario can equip 3 different items. This in a game back in '85 was quite revolutionary. Mario can get a Mushroom, which will make him bigger and then have to get hit twice to die. Once Mario gets a Mushroom he can then get a flower. The flower still makes it two hits to die, but now Mario can shoot fireballs. This is a fun aspect of the game, just shoot those fireballs at enemies and they die. Although there are some enemies that cannot be destroyed by fireballs. There is also the star of invincibility. Mario can get this item no matter what he is. Once he gets it he will be invincible from all enemies for a brief period of time. In the stages there are coins, coin blocks, and bricks. When you collect 100 Coins you get an extra life. Inside Coin Blocks are either coins or one of the 3 items mentioned above. Inside Bricks are nothing, coins, or one of the 3 above mentioned items, or there can be a beanstalk which will bring you to a mini-game like part of the level. Mario or Luigi will get Coin Blocks and Bricks by standing underneath them and jumping. Oh yes, that brings me to the most important part of the gameplay, and Mario's trademark move. Jumping, Mario and Luigi will Jump on enemies to kill them, as well as jump from platform to platform. Mario and Luigi will also have to run. You will jump further and higher when you are running.
There are also pipes in the game, which have also become another trademark of Mario. Some pipes will let you go down them; to a room which has coins and sometimes a Mushroom or Flower.
That's about it.
Throughout the game you will have to dodge many enemies, swim through water levels, enter castles, and even figure out a couple of secrets. This game is just really fun to play. You get right into the game, and learn it very fast. You just have a great time playing Super Mario Bros.

I give the game play: 10/10!!!


The graphics are ok. You have to realize that this was one of the first NES games made, probably the first. So you can't expect much. But there ok. While the characters do look cool. Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros, and Bowser, as well as many other characters may not looked very well detailed, but there look is so original and cool. The environment is actually pretty good, everything looks nice. I have always loved the polka dot levels:P The background gives a few trees and hills. The graphics may not be very well detailed, but they are very cool and unique.

I give the graphics: 6.5/10


This is where are the legendary Mario Music was born. The sound FX are good, I love Mario's Jumping sound. The background Music is just amazing, there are only a few tunes, but those tunes are just so good and classic; you just gotta love them. The only reason I am not giving this a 10, is because it would have been nice to have more than just a few tunes.

I give the sound: 9/10


This is one of the best games for replayability ever. Not just for the NES, but for all systems. People have been playing this game for nearly 20 years, and still have fun. I have been playing it since I was 3, and I still play it quite often. So, if you get this game, you can play it for life.

I give the replay ability: 10/10!!!


This is the category where the game lacks the most. It is just very hard for me to measure this. Right now I can beat the game in a few minutes. It's just not challenging for me anymore. Yet its still really fun. I am trying to think back to when I first played this game. It was pretty hard the first time I played. I had to replay it a few times before I defeated Bowser. But then again, I was 3.

I give the challenge: 5.5/10


The value of this game has to be one of the best, if not the best for any video game. I have seen this game for 25 cents. The most you will usually see it for is about 5 dollars, and then it is usually with Duck Hunt. Although I guess it may depend on where you get it, I have seen it at used stores for ten dollars. Even then, you would get your moneys worth. This game has extraordinary value.


Overall this is a game EVERYONE has to try. It has amazing gameplay; gameplay that set a standard, and a new genre in gaming. The graphics look cool. The sound is legendary, the replayability is one of the best for any video game system,  and the value is extraordinary. If you have haven't played this game, you have got to try it.

I give Super Mario Bros.: 10/10!!!


Super Mario Bros. is a legendary game. It set the standard in video games and created a new genre and a measurement for future games. This game holds a special place in many peoples hearts. Even people who don't play video games anymore still remember this game and its impact on the world. This game is very special to me. It taught me how to play video games. It showed me how magical video games could be. This game is a legend, and will always be a legend, until the end of video games this game will be known.

Written by: Joey Anderson

Date Written: February 1st, 2005

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